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Transformation NOW

Do you find yourself stuck again in a certain life situation?

Are you willing to break free for once and for all?

What is Transformation NOW?

Do you recognize repetitive patterns in your life? This can be in relationships, work, social or other areas.

Often the cause is deeply rooted in your system, so far away that you are sabotaging yourself without realizing it. Throughout our lives we encounter experiences that shape us to some extent and we lose our authentic self. We develop survival tactics, adapt and copy behavior. This already happens in childhood, when we experience possible traumas that we cannot process and therefore hide it deep in our body to not face it. There may even be connections with past life experiences. All these experiences result in false beliefs we have about ourselves, through which we develop mechanisms for self-sabotage. The brain and body work like a machine and draw on previous experiences to learn how to deal with new experiences. If you don't change anything on the inside, nothing will change on the outside.

When you feel like giant steps can be taken to achieve your desired life, I offer you the Transformation NOW journey.

This is a personalized package in which I combine holistic treatments with meditations, coaching and homework assignments. It is an intensive period in which you will work on yourself and look deep within to heal yourself. You can be your authentic self again and shine your light!

Based on your objectives I put together a 3 monthly program. Various aspects will be discussed as well as themes such as inner child, shadow work, lifestyle, meditation and manifesting.

During this period you will receive:

* A personal treatment plan based on your request for help and the completed intake form

* 6 sessions of approx. 90 minutes at my practice with various exercises, coaching and holistic treatments

* Homework/Tips/Meditations in between sessions

* Whatsapp/Email contact for support during and after the journey


I offer this journey for € 1250 incl. VAT (payment in 2 installments).

It is a valuable investment in yourself that will serve you for the rest of your live and future generations.

If you feel called to do this, schedule a free introduction call now!

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Green Plant

"The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you really are."

― Carl Jung

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