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Sound healing

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What is Sound healing?

Sound meditation and sound healing have roots dating back to prehistoric cultures. The use of sound, music and vibrations for therapeutic or ritual purposes has been a universal phenomenon for thousands of years, occurring in many cultures around the world. Across these cultures and civilizations we see recurring themes: the power of sound to heal, the use of rhythm to achieve altered states of consciousness, and the belief in the spiritual dimensions of music and sound. While specific techniques and beliefs may differ, this rich history reflects a universal recognition of the profound impact sound can have on our well-being.

Music and sound have always played a fundamental role in human history. These universal languages are not only ways to express emotions and tell stories, but they are also deeply rooted in spiritual and healing practices. It is therefore not surprising that many ancient cultures have specific deities that represent music, song, and sound. Sound is therefore the most fundamental thing in the universe. Everything has its own frequency.

When receiving a sound bath, you are guided from Beta/Gamma brain waves (awake, active state) into Theta/Delta brain waves (relaxed, sleep state). This allows your body and mind to release the tension and emotions that are holding you back. Because our body consists of almost 75% water and therefore is an excellent conductor for sound vibrations, the sounds will guide you to what you need at that moment.

A safe space is created where you can enjoy the healing sounds of exclusive Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls from Crystal Tones in the US made from pure quartz crystal and blended with the finest gemstones, semi-precious stones and precious metals that contain specific healing properties. Each bowl is unique and brings its own sound, vibration and activation. These are combined with Himalayan bowls, Handpan, Gong and many more instruments. Surrender yourself to a magical sound journey where you will be guided into a meditative state to relax, let go and heal. You can see images and colors. You may experience certain emotions. Everything is allowed.

Sound healing or Sound bath are essentially the same, where Sound healing is a private session and the needs and journey of the participant will have more attention. Sound baths are given as sound concerts for groups. Please see Events for upcoming events. In my studio I offer 1 on 1 and Duo sessions, fun if you want to experience it with a friend or partner.

Sound healing is for you if you

  • are looking for relaxation

  • have unprocessed emotions

  • experience stress and tension

  • lack (self) love

  • too much in your head

  • have trouble sleeping

  • experience physical complaints that you cannot directly trace

The treatment

Wear something comfortable and warm as you will be lying down during the session. With yoga mats, blankets, bolsters and eye pillows, everything is there for your comfort.

You are welcomed in my studio, which has been transformed into a Sound healing temple. With beautiful welcoming music, a wonderful scent of essential oil from the diffuser and light effects, you will immediately enter a relaxed state.

We start the ceremony with a short meditation and setting the intention. You can then lie down, close your eyes and the sound journey begins. There will be silences between instruments and parts to process. At the end there is time to return calmly and reflect.


This session is less suitable for people with epilepsy, mania, psychosis, serious heart problems, low blood pressure, implants, metal parts or medical devices. Caution is advised for people with hearing problems and pregnant women.

This is what a Sound healing session can bring you:

  • Relaxation and peace in head and body

  • Reducing stress, anxiety, depression, tension

  • Healing from unprocessed emotions

  • Increase awareness and mental clarity

  • Deepening the connection with your intuition

  • Boosting your self-healing capacity and immune system

  • Relieve pain and accelerate healing

For everyone, the session will bring exactly what they need at that moment. Please take into account processing up to a few days after treatment.

Yes, I want this!

Green Plant

The medicine of the future will be music and sound."

Edgar Cayce

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