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About me

Hi, I'm Arek Kayhan. My first name is derived from the word sun in Armenian. My parents are from Istanbul, Turkey with Armenian roots. I was born in the Netherlands in the early 1980s and grew up with the different cultures of the West and East. My parents had clear expectations and conditions when they migrated here. They had not studied themselves and expected their children to at least become lawyers or doctors. I never felt comfortable being pigeonholed and following the usual path. At a young age I already felt different and already had a connection with the spiritual. I believed there was more between heaven and earth. Fascinated with all the mysterious things, I read a lot and watched documentaries. I also developed my intuition and trusting my feelings. This is how I fully manifested passing my driver's license exam at a time when there were no The Secret books yet. I intuitively visualized every step of my exam, with the result that I passed with flying colors after a long teaching process!

During my study as an engineer, I felt that I was on the right path to creating things on my own. I tried to balance between reason and intuition and was able to express a lot of my creativity.  After obtaining my diploma it was more difficult to settle down. I created an unconscious aversion to my field to combat the depletion of the earth through overconsumption and international mass production, thus reducing my own chances on the labor market. Refuting the focus on digital products allowed me to start my career within the corporate world. I had passion again and found the best jobs at top companies where I had a good career and worked on beautiful products that millions of people used.

My life blossomed and I manifested houses, relationships and more. I had my dream house and dream relationship with 2 beautiful cars, but that life was not for us and we suddenly broke up. At the same time, I achieved success at top companies and despite the hard work with a lot of stress, physical complaints and burnout, this led to being fired. I felt like my life needed a reset. There was something else for me. Who was I deep inside and what did I really want? Everyone is different and I noticed that I was not actually made for a corporate environment. When you experience resistance, it is a sign that you want to do something with it. And every experience brings you closer to your goal.

My spirituality has helped me enormously. Lots of yoga, meditation, reading and being in nature, but also professional help through holistic therapy. I attended workshops, attended retreats in, among others. Bali and Ibiza and ended up on an Initiatic path along the temples and pyramids in Egypt. I followed the magic and was open to all the signs the universe gives. In a secret temple I received a channeling during a ceremony to show my true self and share this with others. Time to step out of my shell! I had developed a facade where I had that successful corporate career while it creaked and squeaked on all sides. Environments in which I was opposed by people and corporate cultures in which I did not fit. It was time to step out, choose myself and follow my passions.

By receiving holistic healing sessions I saw how I lived with masks on and the urge to make others like or approve me. I was a perfectionist, self-critical and a pleaser. I couldn't set boundaries. These negative patterns had largely developed during my childhood and haunted me. I learned to break through this, to love myself again and to put myself first. As I healed, I saw how these negative patterns were affecting my life. I didn't feel worthy, I didn't deserve love. These beliefs caused negative instead of positive things to manifest in my life. Still, I became grateful for the experiences I was able to experience. These shape you to become who you ultimately are. It's about how to deal with it and learn from it in order to actually grow as a human and divine being.

My self-confidence grew and I went deeper and deeper. During various holistic healing sessions that I underwent myself, I was reminded of my clairvoyance and qualities for healing. It was time to further develop these qualities and surrender to my intuition and follow my true passions. Everything started to unfold and find its place. And so I started my education and training to become a professional energy healer and embrace my life mission, with which I was eventually able to set up my own practice Holistic Healing Arek to help others with holistic treatments and my life lessons. To make it possible for everyone to be open to the magic and realize the life of your dream life.

I followed my studies and trainings with ZoMa Opleidingen, Healing Space, Maria Palomino, Crystal Singing Bowls Europe en Sacred Suara.

I hope to welcome you to my Home studio in Amstelveen or at one of my events. Are you ready to live your dream life?

Egypt this time on dekking
Egypt this time on dekking
Egypt is the best way to see it

My vision

We all have our traumas and false beliefs that we have acquired somewhere along our life journey. In your youth but perhaps also from a previous life. These traumas can hinder you in the present and future from being your authentic self and from exercising your true soul mission here on earth.

"I'm not worthy. I hold back. I don't deserve love. I'm not taking any risks because it won't work out anyway...". Recognizable? These are all self-sabotage tactics that we have taught ourselves after an unpleasant experience. When an emotion is not fully felt and processed, it manifests itself in negative baggage that is stored in the body and affects your entire system. "Emotion is energy in motion" and must therefore move freely to live an optimal life.

In ancient Egypt, Atlantis and Lemuria people were at a much higher level of consciousness and there were many techniques and rituals to help people further. We are gradually discovering and applying these again. With an engineering background, I have studied science and spirituality side by side for years. With the current development of quantum physics, these are finally being united and more and more people are open to life wisdom based on age-old and combined modern techniques.

Astrologically we are in the age of Aquarius which represents enormous growth and development for us as humanity but also individually. Our mission is to collectively raise the frequency on Earth by developing ourselves and fulfilling our life missions. When we can be our authentic selves, everyone can truly fulfill their life mission and as a collective we will raise the frequency of our planet. With this we will create a true heaven on earth. 

Practically speaking, it means that we can heal ourselves from everything that is holding us back. Removing blockages, overcoming fears, forgiveness, awareness, initiation development, inner child work. Everyone has work to do for this higher purpose. There are many great techniques to do this. I believe in self-healing ability. With my holistic treatments I help you to understand and process so that you can become your own healer.

I invite you to come work with me and experience how to be your true authentic self and live your dream life!

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