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"Emotion is energy in motion" - Neale Donald Walsch 

Our emotions are literally energy in motion. When we find ways to prevent energy from moving through our bodies, we end up storing emotions in our cells and they become obstacles to our mental health and even on physical level. Some ways we circumvent our emotions include dissociation, addiction, perfectionism, judging ourselves and being critical of others.

I offer a series of special holistic techniques that can help you with your request. I like to point you in the right direction and I invite you to become the alchemist of your own live. Heal your wounds and transform in to the best possible version of yourself! Experience success, love, abundance, health, money.

You are welcome just the way you are. The treatments take place in my Home studio in Amstelveen, The Netherlands or online depending on the type treatment. It could be in Dutch or English.

The treatments never replace a visit to a general practitioner or another medical professional, but can work in support.

If you prefer to discuss the options together, you can do so during a no-obligation introduction call

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